In response to the vast explosion in content being created, analyzed, and stored, there is a growing need for information professionals who can help manage increasingly digital information programs and services. I am quite eager to engage in this next generation of information science at the nexus of librarianship and the digital revolution.

I want to be involved in the expanding activities of information professionals, ideally focusing on the collaborative ways in which data research, scholarly communications, and access to information can solve problems. I thrive in cutting edge, cross-disciplinary environments that go beyond the traditional research infrastructure towards an integrated problem-solving approach.

There is a broad band of opportunities I would like to pursue—from open science and communication activities (from scholarly to public engagement) to supporting all aspects of the data life cycle that improve workflow and enhance research. By mastering these activities, an informationalist would be valuable to any organization to translate and advance the interaction between social and technical aspects of information management.