This matrix below represents a visual integration of my information science education, products, and skills. These artifacts embody not only achievements that I value, but those that convey the best narrative of what I aspired to accomplish while getting my degree. These demonstrate my new acumen as an information scientist, able to participate in the discourse in my field and communicate across and within stakeholder boundaries to address information problems. This capstone is a vehicle to cohesively synthesize all of these connections. The process also sharpened my understanding of how reflecting upon the experiences enhances learning and moreover increased my ability to effectively do so. Additionally, drawing from my Mindfulness course studies provided further evidence of the connection between self-actualization of potential, self-integration (and learning), and personal well-being.1

1 See, Hollis-Walker, L., & Colosimo, K. (2011). Mindfulness, self-compassion, and happiness in non-meditators: A theoretical and empirical examination. Personality and Individual Differences, 50, 222-227.